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Development of Interactive Ebook Media Based on Entrepreneurship in Student Learning in Elementary School


Sri Murniati



Development of Teaching Materials for Elementary School Statistics Material Based on Higher-Order Thinking Skills


Budi Prihartini, Santoso Santoso, Sri Utaminingsih



Development of Thematic Assessment Based on Interactive Game in Elementary School


Sri Utaminingsih, Su’ad Su’ad, Fitrotun Nikmah



Development of Thematic Learning Materials Based on Jepara's Local Wisdom on the Theme “Daerah Tempat Tinggalku” for Grade 4 Students of Primary Schools


Sri Utaminingsih, Murtono Murtono, Hamidaturrohmah Hamidaturrohmah



Improvement of Student Critical Thinking Skills Through Multicultural Learning


Sony Ari Wibowo, Murtono Murtono, Sri Utaminingsih



The Influence of Think Talk Write Model Implementation in Learning Theme Always Saving Energy


Anisa Hartani, Sri Utaminingsih, Suad Suad



The Character Education of R.A. Kartini Perspective


Miftakur Rindlo



Analysis Of Need Development Of Literacy Pocket Book Based Cerpen – Gram To Empower Multicultural Characters Of Primary School Students


Khoeri Abdul Muid



Development of Wayang Dami Based on Local Wosdom in Story Learning in High Class


Anita Herlina Setianti, Sri Utaminingsih, Irfai Fathurrohman



Effectiveness of Learning Model Concept Sentence With Media Puzzle of Activities and Description of Learning Outcomes Writing Skills Class III SD District of Kudus


Izzatul Munawaroh



Principal's Strategies and Approaches to Perform Effective Academic Supervision


Kholid Kholid



Teacher’s Need toward Indonesian Textbook Material Based on Pati Local Wisdom for SMP/MTs


Priyadi Priyadi, Moh. Kanzunnudin, Murtono Murtono



The Development of Teaching Material of IPS Based Geographic Environment of Grade Students of Elementary School


Tyesa Resti Rosavina



The Impact of School Culture on Social, Independent And Disciplined Characters on Elementary Students In The District Mranggen Districts Of Demak


Shohib Shohib



The Urgency of Indonesian Literary Text Book in Indonesian Learning at SMP/MTs


Mujiwanto Mujiwanto, Murtono Murtono, Irfai Fathurohman



The Effect of The Survey Question Read Reflect Recite Review (SQ4R) Technique and Scheme Technique to The Improve Understanding Reading Skills of Indonesian Language Lesson


Sulikhah Sulikhah



Development Model Of School Management Based On Adiwiyata


Rizky Oktavian Saputra, Su’ad Su’ad, Achmad Hilal Madjdi



Development of Learning Models Make A Match Assisted Media Puzzle to Improve Thinking Skills of Class Fourth Elemetary School Studests `


Fu’adatul Fithroh, Murtono Murtono, Sri Utaminingsih



The Influence of Motivation, Organizational Culture And Performance of Teacher Professional At MTs Tayu- Pati


Fajriana Nur Asmawati, Sukirman Sukirman, Moh. Khanzunuddin



Development of TGT Cooperative Learning Model Based on Crossword Local Wisdom Educational Game in Kudus


Rochimah Rochimah



Development of Mind Mapping Learning Model Based on Gusjigang Local Wisdom Based on Grade IV Elementary School students in Kudus


Ivan Ahmad Shofyan



Pancasila Value Education Through Learning The Role Playing Method of Elementary School Students (Case Study in Grade V SDN 1 Datar)


Arya Adittia



Skills to Look At The Facts Based on Audio Visual Media to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Grahita Tuna Children in SLB Cendono


Wahyu Riswanto, A. Hilal Madjdi, Su’ad Su’ad



Developing Theme Based Learning Through Powerspring Html 5 of Android to Deradicalize The Attitude of Primary School Students


Nur Hadi, Su’ad Su’ad, Sri Utaminingsih, Santoso Santoso



Development of Colaborative Learning Model Based on Permen Cilok Media For Strengthening Education Characters of Elementary School Students in Demak District


Nanik Choirijah



The Impact of Academic Supervision and Classroom Action Research Training on Professional Competence of Elementary School Teacher


Aribowo Aribowo



Development of Authentic Instruments for Religious Attitudes and Social Attitudes Based on Strengthening Character Education for Grade IV Students in Jati Subdistrict


Stela Ramadhani Khalashinikov



Development of Entrepreneurship-Based School Management Models


Tomy Satria Jatmika, Su’ad Su’ad, Achmad Hilal Madjdi



The Application on Teacher Discipline to Improve Teacher Performance; a Review


Eko Henny Setyowati



The Effect of Constructivism and Whole Language Approach to Poetry Writting Skills


Brigida Sri Purwaningsih



The Vakt Model Based on Psycholinguistic Review for Overcoming Dyslexia Children


Sajida Laila Hanif, Achmad Hilal Madjdi, Slamet Utomo



The Implementation of School-Based Management on Encouraging Student Achievement


Unun Magfiroh